Its more about the City than me !

I moved to Berlin from Lincoln in the UK in 2018 towing a vintage double horse trailer converted into a mobile cocktail bar. I am a freelance Berlin tour guide, mostly on bike although I am known to provide tours on foot and transport sharing the knowledge gained from the 1000’s of kilometers I have cycled in and around the city.

My first visit to Berlin in 2012 drew me to the lakes and the forests and the sheer amount of space to cycle in, so close to the centre of the capital city of Germany. Plans came together and careers aligned, so my partner and I came to her city of birth to make our life here.

My experiences in Germany have been mostly positive although not always straightforward. Help was at hand however in the form of various blogs from expats from all over the world and I will attempt to share what knowledge and experience I have gained during my time here.

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