I was fortunate enough to get an e-Bike for free for 2 months provided I provide weekly feedback on the performance of the disc brakes. That was accomplished and on reflection, I think that this model and concept will work in cities, especially over the summer months.

The concept is simple, rent the bike on a rolling contract and have a concierge service for fauts/repairs who come to you. Nice double lock system, bluetooth and manual. It is useable without the power assist so range anxiety is not an issue.

Not too complicated either. Sleek battery in frame design and hub drive. Rubber toothed belt, no chain and a comfy ride position. Two speeds, two assistance powers. Phone mount and pannier rack.

The best thing about it for me was the power assist at the end of the day after doing cycle tours. My commute is only 5kms but it makes a difference. The morning rush can be avoided , no more sitting on the train perspiring in your fresh clean summer shirts after a warmer than expected start to the day.

Dance e-bike

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