6 Days Berlin

An appropriate time to start my blog. I have just finished 5 days of  cycling the Berliner Mauerweg (the route of the Berlin Wall 1961-1989) in 5 sections of around 30km each. I followed this with my first visit to the Velodrome Berlin in Friedrichshain and enjoyed the famous 6  Tage Berlin cycling event. I was glad to be in the warm watching other people pedalling hard after my freezing bike rides.

All my tours are recorded and shared on komoot.com with photos and tips. They are accessible to most cyclists, being more about enjoying the ride and route rather than running down the clock. It is one of the things that attracted me so much about Berlin, its proximity to the countryside and large amounts of green space and open air in which to cycle.

Published by radicity

Two wheeled Berlin tour guide, first came to Berlin in 2012. Lived in Prenzlauerberg, Teltow and Zehlendorf. Occasional mobile cocktail bar operator.

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