A Tale of Two Cities

As if by some fate, as I started to write this piece, about the Yin Yang city that is Berlin I was listening to a broadcast playing ‘Nightclubbing’ by Iggy Pop. A song written and recorded in West Berlin at the Meisel ‘Hansaton Studios’ behind the Berliner Mauer of the 1970s between Potsdamer Platz andContinue reading “A Tale of Two Cities”

Freiheit ? Oder Spargel ?

Trotz der Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung des Virus in allen Teilen der Welt scheint die deutsche Besessenheit von weißem Spargel keine Grenzen zu kennen. Während die überwiegende Mehrheit der Bürger und Organisationen den Rat und die Durchsetzung der Kontrollmaßnahmen beherzigt, fordern Brandenburg und andere große Spargelanbaugebiete, dass alles ignoriert wird, damit sie ihre wertvolle Ernte ausContinue reading “Freiheit ? Oder Spargel ?”

Freedom? Or Asparagus?

Despite the virus containment measures in all parts of the world, it seems that the German obsession with white asparagus knows no bounds. Whilst the vast majority of citizens and organisations are heeding the advice and enforcement of control measures, Brandenburg and other major asparagus growing regions are demanding that it is all ignored soContinue reading “Freedom? Or Asparagus?”

Daily Dose

Yes, you can get a daily dose of Vitamin D and some really clean fresh air in Berlin. The senate has not stopped solo or duo cycling and it is all the better for it. Less pollution, more birdsong and the feeling that whilst not breaching any guidelines or rules, you can stay sane andContinue reading “Daily Dose”