For walking along? It seems not. The safe zone for pedestrians, post delivery employees and pushchairs have become quite unsafe, or at least according to some social media platforms. I have to agree with a lot of the comments, however it is not the rule, rather the exception. When I first visited Berlin, my partnerContinue reading “Footpaths”

The Other side of (the) Tracks

Recently returned from England, I felt compelled to share my observations. The very current issue of sustainable transport links affects us all and there are different approaches in different countries. Firstly, travelling from the aiport, it was immediately apparent how bad the roads are in England. They were in quite bad shape when I movedContinue reading “The Other side of (the) Tracks”

Wall Fragments

The first time I noticed that pieces of the wall had been used for something other than ornaments outside hotels around Berlin and elsewhere was whilst cycling along the Konigsweg behind Dreilinden. There are several old border buildings/ruins in the woods there and the famous pink tank memorial on a plinth. Closer to the KleinmachnowContinue reading “Wall Fragments”

Berliner Mauerweg

Berlin and Wall, synonomous forever and although the city has been unified for 30 years this year, it is possible to trace the entire route on foot or by bicycle on the ‘Berlin Wall Way’. It is around 160km and encircles the whole of what was West Berlin between 1961 and 1989. I decided toContinue reading “Berliner Mauerweg”