Crisis Cycling

It seems obvious but the best way to combat risk of infection and boredom from imposed distancing is to jump on a bike and cycle around in the fresh air. I’ve been doing that for the past few days due to my Berlin bike tours being cancelled by first the school groups, then the government. The unlikely paradox is that the best possible mid March weather (17c and sunny) cannot be experienced by groups of people wanted to get out there even though it is a low risk activity.

People have however, been all over Berlin chasing the sunrays with abandon. Rather than seeking out the lesser used spots, or big spaces (Templehofer Feld, Tiergarten) they go to the same old spots (Admiralsbrucke, Mauerpark) and breach the advosory 1,5M distance rule. Two thirds of Berliners do not own a car , so cannot self-isolate whilst travelling out of the city. Confined space public transport is out of favour and restricted timetable. Cycling and walking is fine and a lot of parts of Berlin do have a lot of space for social distancing.

The Deezer Nextbike fleet have had a 30 mins free scheme aimed at getting city centre commuters off public transport, plus the weather has suited it. The streets have been noticibly quieter and a lot nicer to cycle on, despite the extra delivery vans in the street/cycle lane. There are some fantastic early blossoms out there to enjoy as well. Half the battle is keeping positive during these strange times. Lets just hope that when the curve has flattened and restrictions are lifted, people will feel an urge to embrace fresh air and nature, rather than just falling back in routine of car and congestion…

Published by radicity

Two wheeled Berlin tour guide, first came to Berlin in 2012. Lived in Prenzlauerberg, Teltow and Zehlendorf. Occasional mobile cocktail bar operator.

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